[UK-CONTEST] 6M AC Tuesday 28th April

Alex GM3ZBE alex at gm3zbe.plus.com
Wed Apr 28 09:28:34 PDT 2010

Wish I could say the same from this end Roger.  About 12 qso's here in 
the first hour - gave up after that.  I continue to gain the impression 
that there are a lot of G stations with very limited 6M capability.  
Only about 12 or so stations seem capable of making it from G-land to 
here in these contests, yet when I work those stations they are usually 
quite strong.

Roger Thawley wrote:
> Excellent level of activity during Tuesday evening's 6M-AC. Early on a very
> strong contact was made with GM3ZBE, prompting an extended period calling
> and searching for further GM contacts, however, that was it, unfortunately,
> for GM. Two fairly lengthy run periods followed, with good numbers of
> contacts made, including IO73, 80 and 84, which have historically all been
> 'rare DX' for the "Rogers' contest group". Unusually nothing was heard from
> JO02 or IO85. Next outing is the 2M AC in May.
> Roger, G0BSU
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