[UK-CONTEST] Short calls & the buro

G3RAU at aol.com G3RAU at aol.com
Thu Apr 29 09:15:27 PDT 2010

In a message dated 29/04/2010 15:17:02 GMT Daylight Time,  
thomaswylie at sky.com writes:

I would  think that being used in Contests most people wont want their 
cards in any  case.....


Exactly  Tom, 
All the new short contest call holders are requested to  tell Rose if  they 
want her to bin their unwanted contest cards. I don't know how many  shinny 
new short contest calls have just been issued by OFCOM, but there will be  
quite an upsurge in card volume at her sub buro when they all  start being 
If people take the time now to advised her to "bin on receipt", or  
whatever, it will make her life a lot easier.  
73 Derek G3RAU
Does anybody know roughly how many new SCCs have  been issued?


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