[UK-CONTEST] IARU contest URE Report

Peter Hobbs peter at tilgate.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 18:21:49 PDT 2010

Actually it's quite easy to believe.  The solution is not to allow QSOs 
with your own country to count for points.  There's just too much 
temptation to cheat at present.  Everyone does it to some extent but 
apparently DA0HQ has better organisation and a lower embarrassment 

73, Peter G3LET


>Hello all,
>Sorry for the cross posting.
>Have any of you been alerted to this?
>If this is true then there needs to be further investigations. There are 2 links to pdf documents part way down that explain it all. I know we in the UK get behind the RSGB entry in the contest and work them on all bands and modes if possible, but this is taking the buiscuit.
>I have just read it and can't believe what I have read.
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