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Pierre VE2PIJ vhfdx2 at videotron.ca
Thu Aug 2 22:53:34 EDT 2001

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The ARRL UHF Contest is August 4-5 2001

VE7XF        CD E        CN89            few hours   Mt. Seymour (3500'

K6TSK   CA   CD E        DM03   SOHP    Sat.+ Sun.
N6DN/R       CD9EF       DM05,DM04,DM15,DM14. Sun DM14,DM13,DM03
W6OAL        CD9EF  I    DM79ql           (GH & J if coerced)
N0IO/R       CD9EFG IJ   DM79, DN70,  DN71, DN81, DN90, DN91,DM88, DM89,
DM98, DM99

W2BZY    FL  CD9EF       EL98hr

K5VH     TX  CD9EFGHI    EM00xe           SOHP
WO7GI    OK  CD E        EM04
NL7CO/R      CD          EM04, EM03, EM02, EM01, EM11 on 5 Aug  start from
N0JK/P        D E        EM18             Aug 5
NE9O/R       CD E        EM79 EM69 EN60 EN70
AB4OO   GA    D          EM81tg           SOLP
N4OFA        CD9EF  I    EM86
KB4NVD/R                 EM86
K8DXN    WV  CD E        EM98

VE4KQ/P      CD9E        EN09ee
N0DQS/R      CD9EFG      EN22,21,32,31,42,41 then 43,33,23
K0MHC/0  MN  CD9EFG      EN26ha            SOLP
KA0RYT   MN   D          EN34              SOHP 175w       HILLTOP
W0ZQ         CD9EF       EN34iu            Sat. + Sunday morning
WA2VOI/0     CD9EF       EN35ja            Sat mid-afternoon thru Sunday
W9SZ         CD9EFGHI    EN50
N9LR         CD E        EN50du            SO
K9KL          D          EN64              SOHP
WA8VPD       CD9EFGHI    EN82-72
NE8I         CD9EFGHI KL EN83-73-82-72-71-81-91
VE3OIL       CD9EFG I    EN93xj            not rover this time though I will
accept skeds, (3456 & 10GHz FM also but not likely from home).
VE3SMA       CD EFGHIJ   EN93ui            SO

W4RX     VA  CD9EFGHI    FM19bb            24 GHz possibly

K2AN         CD9EFGH     FN02xt
K2OS/P          E        FN12ip            SOHP 100 watts  23 el yagi at
1850 ft ASL. CQing on 1296.100
K2ERG/P      CD E        FN13 or FN14 BOTH? SOHP      E=50W
WA3UGP/3     CD9EFGHIJ   FN21hb
N2JMH/R      CD9EFGHI    FN22, FN32, FN31, FN30, FN20, FN21, FN11 and if
time FN12  144.260
K1TEO    CT  CD9EFGI     FN31
KA1UAG             I     fn43bj in N.H. or fn33tp in V.T  stand by 144.260
VE2JWH   QC  CD9E        FN35              SOHP, Sat
VE2PIJ   QC  CD9E        FN35qi            SOHP, Sat
WA1ECF   MA  CD9EF  I    FN41sr            SOHP
N1BUG        CD          FN55mf            SO       if it rain


Single Operator High Power = SOHP
Single Operator Low Power  = SOLP
Rover                      = R
Multioperator              = M

Single Operator -- Low Power (100 W PEP output max on 222 and 432 MHz;
10 W on 902 MHz and above)

A=50MHz, 7=70MHz Rcv, B=144MHz, C=222MHz, D=432MHz, 9=902MHz, E=1296MHz,
F=2304MHz, G=3456MHz,
H=5760MHz, I=10GHz, J=24GHz, K=47GHz, M=76GHz, N=119GHz, P=142GHz, R=241GHz,
S=300GHz, L=Light

73 de Pierre VE2PIJ FN35


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