[VHFcontesting] N0JK UHF Test results

jon jones n0jk at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 5 19:08:33 EDT 2001

N0JK QRP Portable EM18 (SOLP under UHF test rules)

D  8 QSOs   6 Grids  =  144 Score

Operated portable Sunday morning from the "Cattle Pens" in EM18. The 'pens 
are a high point in the Flint Hills with visual horizon out to 25 miles. 
Station consisted of a IC-490A (70 cm) at 5 watts to a 8 el Quagi. The 2 
meter IF for 1296 and 2304 MHz croaked so only QRV 70 cm.

Some decent summer tropo with N0QJM and W7XU/0 in South Dakota 59+. I had a 
Q5 signal with N0QJM running 1 watt on SSB!  Mike, K0AZ also had a big 
signal out of EM37. Best DX was W5ZN EM45 and K2DRH EN41 both at around 400 
miles. Heard K3SIW/9 EN52 and K9KL EN64 (almost 700 miles!) calling CQ on cw 
but unable to raise them. Mike, K0AZ told me he worked Ohio and Michigan 
Saturday night on 70 cm and W8MIL EN74 Sunday morning.

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