[VHFcontesting] UHF contest results

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 8 23:22:51 EDT 2001

This past weekend's contest coincided with the Packrat picnic, so didn't get 
out to make a contact til a bit later in the day. I wanted to rove in 4 
grids, but there were severe storms with lightning that passed through all 
afternoon, and drowned out a lot of the activity for me. Had all the gear in 
the rover working, parked myself in a new location in FN20jf in the parking 
lot of a HomeDepot store..but quite far in a peripheral lot, attracting no 
real visitors, as business was slow in the stormy weather on a late Sat PM. 
The altitude was great, but that had already been discovered by the cell 
tower guys, and QRN and intermod on 903 and 1296 was severe. I did manage to 
make several QSOs from there, from 222 thru 5G, no-one had 10G gear running 
to try in the reasonable area. Got some real buzzy sounding CW sigs between 
myself and N3NGE on 3 & 5G as the energetic storms were passing thru. Got 
home early, as it continued to rain. Sunday I thought about heading up to 
Camelback in FN21hb, but with the heavy fog, decided to scale back, so just 
did my usual run to FM29hx and made a pageful of QSOs, including running all 
bands again with N3NGE, and 222 thru 3G with AA3GN, and caught him again 
heding home from FN20. All in all, it was a light and easy activity--no real 
long hauls, but happy all the equipment worked! 73, Rick
2001 ARRL August UHF Contest            K1DS

    ROVER ALL HIGH                   EPA Section

    Operators: K1DS

    Band      QSOs          QSO pts.      Mults.
    222        22            66            8
    432        23            69            8
    903        7             42            3
    1296       10            60            3
    2304       6             72            2
    3456       5             60            2
    5760       2             24            1
    Laser      4             48            1
    TOTALS     79           441            28 + 2 = 30

                          Claimed score = 13,230

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