[VHFcontesting] FT-736 Problem

Rick Stoneking w2rds at arrl.net
Wed Dec 5 08:27:03 EST 2001


I have recently acquired a FT-736 and it has a peculiar problem. 
Occasionally when I push the PTT on the microphone (Heil Mic - do not get 
the original mic with the rig) the display on the 736 shuts off and the rig 
is essentially dead. None of the controls seem to have any effect, no 
'beeps' are generated when the buttons are pressed, etc. I have to turn the 
radio off and then back on. The radio has operated for relatively long 
periods of time without a problem, and in some cases it even seems 
frequency/memory dependant. I have my local 2m repeater programmed in to 
memory 1 (145.29 -) and another repeater programmed in to memory 2 (146.625 
-) and at one point every time I pressed the PTT when memory 1 was selected 
it happened, but if I went to memory 2 there was no problem, but as soon as 
I went back to memory 1 it did it again. I have also had it happen using 
440 FM in VFO mode (not using a memory channel).

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced anything like this? I have read on 
the Kenwood reflector of a problem experienced with some of those where the 
display would act up or disappear, and that was due to a poor contact in 
the display cabling - so I plan to check/clean all of the cable connectors.


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