[VHFcontesting] VHF Frequency Chart & 3 half wave dipole

Rick Robinson k8dxn at charter.net
Sat Dec 8 19:22:34 EST 2001

I have a good friend who has decided after being a ham since 1932(YES
1932) to join the ranks of the VHF world. I would like to find a
frequency chart that is printable and big enough for old eyes to read. I
know I can make one up and print the text but I thought a nice "Pro"
style chart would be nice. Anyone have suggestions? BTW this is for
V/Uhf bands as he knows the HF by heart. Also he wants to make a 6 meter
dipole that is 3 half wavelengths long similar to some used for HF. Does
anyone know what these antennas are called and where in the ARRL antenna
book I can find info to build one for him? I know a loop might be better
but at 89 years young he is determined to at least try. My next
suggestion for him is to build a full wavelength loop for 6 that is
horiziontaly polarized. Any experienced builders out there with info?
Thanks ahead of time. K8DXN

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