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Richard Zwirko dz at voanews.com
Wed Dec 12 14:18:09 EST 2001

Jake, K8JWT wrote:

> From: Qrpvhf at aol.com
> Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:07:12 EST
> To: vhf at w6yx.stanford.edu, VHFcontesting at contesting.com
> Subject: [VHFcontesting] Hy-Gain 6element 6meter beam query
> Have a set of plans for the old Hy-Gain 6element/6meter beam and was
> wondering if anyone is still using or have used on in the past?
> Was going to build one of my own only using a dipole as a feed system.
> 73's Jake, K8JWT (FM09ap)
> www.qsl.net/k8jwt
= = = = = 

   I've been using an old Hy-Gain 6 element, 6 Meter yagi (purchased it 
used) since the early 90's. It has been on the roof of my house, 
30 feet above the ground for all of solar cycle 23. Using this antenna
and running no more that 150 Watts output, the K1HTV 6M DXCC totals
have climbed to 137 countries worked, 73 countries being worked since
Oct. 21st. The QTH, FM18ox, is in suburban MD, about 12 Miles northeast 
of the Whitehouse.  It is not what one would consider a super VHF
location, but the antenna plays well anyway. If you are going to build
it I'd recomment cloning it EXACTLY, using the hairpin matching and
not using a different feed. It works great the way it was designed.

50 MHz continues to amaze me, even after operating a number of solar 
cycles. In the past two days I've added JW5WIA & OM3MM to the K1HTV
log for countries #136 & #137. My best QRP DX so far has been E30NA 
while running 4 Watts on SSB. Enjoy the band while it lasts!

73 de Rich - K1HTV
dz at voa.gov

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