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>From 20 years of experimenting, I have found that there is virtually no difference between vertical and horizontal antennas on E-skip and F2.However, on groundwave(up to 60 miles), it DEFINITELY makes a BIG difference! BTW, there is a company making a 3-ring halo for 6! I have the M2 Sqloop on 6m and a Pro-Am(similar to Lakeview)vertical both resonant on the low end of 6.Good luck with the 54 inch vertical!
                                                    Joe W4AAB EM65
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  hi Chris, the ball and spring will be a vertical antenna but a very rugged one. Cut the whip to around 54 inches for six. So what if its vertical, it will work. Maybe aa few db down from a saturn ssix but it will work. Give it a try. If you don't likthe way it works, you have a FB mount for any HF antenna you want to put on it. Drilling the hole only hurts once! Good luck and Merry Christmas.  73, Don K1DH  k1dh1 at hotmail.com  

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  >It will work in the Horiz mode but be highly directive...you would 
  >be better off with the DAR OmniAngle antenna or something similar.. 
  >BUT cant hurt to try if you have one and its free :) 
  >(But drilling holes is never fun in the cab! :( 
  >Qrpvhf at aol.com wrote: 
  > > 
  > > I have looked all over the net, and books I have to no avail... 
  > > 
  > > I have come into a few ball antenna mounts with springs and whip from work 
  > > where we are changing to new base loaded antennas for 37.940Mhz. 
  > > 
  > > If I were to mount one of these on the side of the cab of my truck as high as 
  > > possible, and angled the whip as close to horizontal as possible, would it 
  > > act/work as a dipole antenna. There is no bed on the truck so nearby metal is 
  > > not a problem. 
  > > 
  > > The reason for this antenna idea is that my last 6meter loop was destroyed by 
  > > vandals and I was hoping this antenna might not draw as much attention as the 
  > > halo did. 
  > > 
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