[VHFcontesting] Re: W2SZ/1 6m Antennas

Joe Crawford crawfish at surfmore.net
Sun Dec 23 08:42:31 EST 2001

I didn't think about the snowat that location this time of year. I guess it
will be June then. Not sure of what I will do for the contest in January.
Depends on the weather down here(we DO get snow every once in a while).
                                                         Joe W4AAB
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> At 02:23 PM 12/23/01 +0000, Donald Huntington wrote:
> The top antenna is about 70 feet up. The tower is 50 ft and the antennas
are spaced roughly 15 feet apart. Yeah, it kicks butt...   --73  Don
> >From: "Joe Crawford"  >To: "Donald Huntington"  >Subject: W2SZ/1 6m
Antennas  >Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 01:48:02 -0800  >  >How high is the top
antenna? It looks like they are spaced the same amount all the way down.
Could you give the heights of each array? You guys really have the signal on
6, but then, again, you have a real nice location plus the antennas.I
checked out the web site just after you posted to the list.Hope to work you
in January.  > 73,  > Joe W4AAB EM65
> Um, we don't go there in January....unless you have a Snowcat that can
haul trailers :)  See you in June, right Don?

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