[VHFcontesting] Software Questions

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Mon Jul 23 15:57:17 EDT 2001

> To the assembled multitude of folks smarter than me (which in this case is
> everyone):
> The EM04 gang is going to try a limited multi-op next June from the farm
> with 50, 144, 220, and 432.  And since none of us have every done a multi-op
> before, we have a few questions.  This topic of discussion is software, both
> for logging/scoring and interfacing to the radios.
> The ideal software package (in our minds) would be able to get frequency and
> mode data from the radio (like Log Windows does) allowing us to type in
> callsigns and grids only to speed up the exchanges.  The software should
> dupe check and keep a running score for a particular contest (like VHF-DX).
> And we want to do this from four concurrent operating stations (one for each
> band) while LANed together and retaining the ability to do instant
> banner-type messages to pass stations between bands.  Use of a dedicated
> server with printer and backup capability is a capability that we do have.
> The current thought process involves logging to paper sheets at each station
> with a central computer operator entering data into VHF-DX as the sheets
> become full.
> Do we have the wrong concept?
> Does such a software package already exist?
> What have you done to accomplish similar things?

Seems like you would want to do all of this real time instead of off line.

What functionality is missing from the industry standard logging programs?


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