[VHFcontesting] Software Questions

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Mon Jul 23 20:48:10 EDT 2001

At 04:43 PM 7/23/01 -0500, Kenneth E. Harker wrote:
>I believe NA has many similar features, but I'm not familiar with the NA 

The way NA handles rovers is thru a feature called "QTH Must Match For 
Dupe".  When this feature is enabled, the grid field as well as the 
callsign field must match before the QSO is scored as a dupe.  There is no 
need to append a /R or the grid to the callsign to make the scoring come 
out right.

As for the radio interface, recent versions of NA correctly interpret VHF 
frequencies on the IC-706, IC-746 and IC-756.  One difficulty to wrestle 
with is how to handle HF radios being used as an IF for transverters?  I've 
thought of providing a optional frequency offset table for each band to 
allow handling transverter operation.  OTOH, what about the radios such as 
the TS-850, FT-1000MP or TS-570 which allows resetting the radio display to 
the "operating" frequency rather than the "transverted" frequency?  Does 
anyone know what happens under these conditions - which "frequency" is sent 
out the radio port?



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