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Ed Kucharski k3dne at adelphia.net
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Check out VHFTEST by WG3E.  It works well for rovers - N1MJD/R uses it as
does a
few others and I understand it works well for them.  I've used it for home
and portable
vhf contesting for almost 10 years now and I have been very happy with it
and it is
downloadable as freeware!!  Check out the website at:


If you have any questions about rover functionality don't hesitate to email
the authour
Allen, WG3E - he has always been very responsive to user requests.


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> > What functionality is missing from the industry standard logging
> What programs, if any, support rover operation without having to start a
> log file each time you change your grid?
> I would like to be able to simply type "NEWQTH" or similar, and enter the
> grid (or county, for a state qso party mobile operation), and be able to
> access qso information, multipliers, etc., from operation in previous
> grids/counties.  And also have the correct overall score available. The
> MUST MATCH FOR DUPE" feature for NA would become "BOTH QTHS MUST MATCH FOR
> DUPE".
> I have been bugging my good friend K8CC for this feature (more for state
> parties than for VHF in my case) but it would require fairly major changes
> the data file (.QDF) structure, so it hasn't happened yet for NA.  Do any
> other programs do this?
> Jim  K8MR
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