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Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 24 21:35:28 EDT 2001

As the current Publisher for CheeseBits, the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club, (aaka 
"PackRats") I wanted to let folks know that I am always searching for good 
VHF material for the Newsletters. Clearly, VHF contesting info is the right 
stuff, whether it is your station info, operating plans, contest results, or 
any special tricks that might be of use to other VHF contesters, (and 
rovers)....Hopefully, there won't be any objections to copying and pasting 
useful tid-bits or longer offerings into the CheeseBits newsletter. Thanks 
in advance, and looking forward to some interesting info.

Just to let folks know, I usually enter VHF contests as a rover, as I live 
in an antenna restricted community. I have a '94 Ford Econoline van, with a 
hole thru the mid roof, and mast and rotor mounted on the floor. Station has 
a modest capability as follows:
6m 160W and dipole or 3 el beam, depending on contest (seeking halo)
2m 160W and 10 el yagi
222 120W and 11 el yagi
432 100W and 17 el yagi
903 100W and 23 el loop
1296 35W and 33 el loop
2304 10W and 45 el loop
3456 10W and 45 el loop
5760 10W and 2' dish
10368 .2W and 2' dish
laser 5mw handheld
I am seeking to upgrade the 10G station
Expect to be on for the UHF contest in 4 grids: FN20, 21, 10,11
73, Rick, K1DS

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