[VHFcontesting] Manufacturers of 6-meter beams

W4XP w4xp at erols.com
Mon Jul 30 21:34:14 EDT 2001

Greeting to the group:

I don't recall who asked the question originally, but I think the
answers, for the most part, all agree that one high and one low
antenna will provide about the best performance mix.

I have seen a couple of manufacturer references, but no one has
mentioned C3i (if someone did I missed it).

The present K8GP operation uses six C3i C5-50 antennas, a 2 x 5 and a
4 x 5 stacked vertically (http://www.k8gp.net).  But before we built
the 2- and 4-Yagi arrays we used a C3i C7-50 as the primary 6-meter
antenna.  Both of these antennas were designed by Clarke Greene, K1JX,
who long time VHFers will recall was one of the operators at the W1VD

If I were going for a "big" antenna, the C7-50 would be my first
choice.  It is more durable than the M2 equivalent (just ask the guys
who lived in the Northeast how their M2 antennas held up a few years
ago in the ice storms), is a contest-proven performer and is very easy
to assemble and get on the air.

The C3i C5-50 is of the same quality construction and performs quite
good for its size (I use one from home).

Hope this is helpful ...

Chuck Watts, W4XP; FM18ew -- 1.8 MHz through 10 GHz

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