[VHFcontesting] Microwave_Activity_Days

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Thu Oct 18 13:45:47 EDT 2001

Hi Guys,

Having read a fair number of responses to my "request-for-opinion" on
several reflectors, it is obvious that alot of guys want to establish an
activity time about once per month.  I am proposing that we try to narrow
down to one weekday evening, and one weekend afternoon once per month.  This
way we could generate activity for both rovers and for home stations.  Most
rovers are less effective at nite, and it is safer to have them
out-and-about-climbing mountains, erecting big antennas, slaying dragons and
such- in daylight.  It is not possible to make everyone happy, but I think
the choices we need to make are between the following:

For weekend activity...either Saturday mornings from 0800 til noon - OR
Sunday afternoon between 1300 and 1700
For weeknight activity...either Monday nites from 1800 to 2200 local time OR
Thursday from 1800 to 2300 (all local times).

Please voice your choice to me or to your favorite reflector (I probably
left out many good ones...sri).

I think it will be great to try and standardize on the first weekend of each
month for this effort...beginning with the weekend and then using the
following weekday nite that we chose.  I recommend that we include all bands
432 es above, so we can twist the arms of guys on 432 and show them all the
fun we are having on the microwaves.  I also recommend, as K4EFD suggested,
that this activity not be a contest, but rather an oppurtunity to increase
your chances of finding someone on the bands randomly.  Participants would
be encouraged to post their results on their favorite reflector, to help
generate interest, and show others that we really can work pretty good
distance on these "line-of-sight" frequencies.  I believe that the use of
144.260 would also be a great way for guys to connect and then try to make
skeds for the microwaves (it seems to work well here on the east coast).

Being an advocate of democracy, I would recommend that we go with which of
the above days receive the most support.
This is a grass roots effort...nobody wants to supervise, count scores, or
give out prizes.  We will all be winners if we can light up a small grin on
the face of our partners on the other end of all these wonderful micwoave
paths out there by giving them a signal that they can copy.

So...what do you, the microwave amateurs, want to do?
Speak up.  Strike a blow for ham radio microwave civilization!

I will be happy to summarize any and all responses, and post the results.
Lets get some activity going on the bands!

Best 73,
Bill W3IY

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