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Paul Wade W1GHZ (N1BWT) & Beth Wade N1SAI wade at bicnet.net
Fri Oct 19 23:27:13 EDT 2001

we (N.E.W.S.) have been running the Millenial Cumulative Microwave Contest
for a couple of years to try and get something going.  it has a web
page for updating cumulative scores.  

it wouldn't be real hard to add a page for these results -- I'd 
be happy to if it increased activity.


At 02:42 PM 10/18/01 -0400, Owen Wormser wrote:
>How about posting to a web page that can archive the results for 
>month to month comparisons, etc.
>Owen, K6LEW, FM18lx
>At 1:41 PM -0400 10/18/01, Russ Pillsbury wrote:
>>Hi Bill. I like your suggestions and vote for Sunday afternoon and Monday
>>However I do think it would be beneficial to post scores on one of the
>>reflectors.  It would not be a contest, exactly, but posting the number of
>>contacts and grids of each station would do a lot to publicize the activity
>>and help get more stations to participate.  It would also provide a list
>>that stations can use to know who to look for in the next event.  It would
>>not require much effort, one or two people, or a club could be the
>>recipients of the totals emailed by interested participants, and could
>>simply collate them into one message and post once a month.  Stations who do
>>not wish to be listed can simply not send in their totals.
>>I might be willing to take on the job, but am somewhat hesitant as I am not
>>the most reliable person to keep schedules.  I'm often out of town, or hard
>>at work for weeks at a time and totally forget any kind of regular scheduled
>>activity (I'm lucky if I remember to eat!).  Still I would do it if no
>>better organized person(s) will volunteer.
>>73, Russ K2TXB
>>Bill Seabreeze wrote:
>>>  Subject: [Microwave] Microwave_Activity_Days
>>>  Hi Guys,
>>>  Having read a fair number of responses to my "request-for-opinion" on
>>>  several reflectors, it is obvious that alot of guys want to establish an
>>>  activity time about once per month.  I am proposing that we try to narrow
>>>  down to one weekday evening, and one weekend afternoon once per
>>>  month.  This
>>>  way we could generate activity for both rovers and for home
>>>  stations.  Most
>>>  rovers are less effective at nite, and it is safer to have them
>>>  out-and-about-climbing mountains, erecting big antennas, slaying
>>>  dragons and
>>>  such- in daylight.  It is not possible to make everyone happy, but I
>>>  the choices we need to make are between the following:
>>>  For weekend activity...either Saturday mornings from 0800 til noon - OR
>>>  Sunday afternoon between 1300 and 1700
>>>  For weeknight activity...either Monday nites from 1800 to 2200
>>>  local time OR
>>>  Thursday from 1800 to 2300 (all local times).
>>>  Please voice your choice to me or to your favorite reflector (I probably
>>>  left out many good ones...sri).
>>>  I think it will be great to try and standardize on the first
>>>  weekend of each
>>>  month for this effort...beginning with the weekend and then using the
>>>  following weekday nite that we chose.  I recommend that we
>>>  include all bands
>>>  432 es above, so we can twist the arms of guys on 432 and show
>>>  them all the
>>>  fun we are having on the microwaves.  I also recommend, as K4EFD
>>>  suggested,
>>>  that this activity not be a contest, but rather an opportunity to
>>>  your chances of finding someone on the bands randomly.  Participants
>>>  be encouraged to post their results on their favorite reflector, to help
>>>  generate interest, and show others that we really can work pretty good
>>>  distance on these "line-of-sight" frequencies.  I believe that the use of
>>>  144.260 would also be a great way for guys to connect and then try to
>>>  skeds for the microwaves (it seems to work well here on the east coast).
>>>  Being an advocate of democracy, I would recommend that we go with
which of
>>>  the above days receive the most support.
>>>  This is a grass roots effort...nobody wants to supervise, count
scores, or
>>>  give out prizes.  We will all be winners if we can light up a
>>>  small grin on
>>>  the face of our partners on the other end of all these wonderful
>>>  paths out there by giving them a signal that they can copy.
>>>  So...what do you, the microwave amateurs, want to do?
>>  > Speak up.  Strike a blow for ham radio microwave civilization!
>>>  I will be happy to summarize any and all responses, and post the results.
>>>  Lets get some activity going on the bands!
>>>  Best 73,
>>>  Bill W3IY
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