[VHFcontesting] Microwave_Activity_Days

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Wed Oct 24 00:04:25 EDT 2001

Hey Gang,

Well I have received about 20 responses to the "request_for_opinion"
regarding microwave activity days.  It is clear that lots of hams support
this idea.  The results are kinda split between Saturday/Sunday, and
Monday/Thursday.  For now, I think we should start out with only 2 days per
week, one week per month.  If activity is great enough, we can certainly add
the other 2 days in there, hoping for the guys that couldn't make the other
days in concert with the die-hards who want to operate uwaves 7 days per

I am recommending the following:

Microwave activity days shall be Saturdays from 8AM until Noon..., and
Monday evenings from 7 pm until 11pm.

Work as many guys as you can on all bands 432 es up.

Activity Schedule:
Start the first Saturday of each month (beginning 3 Nov, 2001),
then operate the following Monday evening (5 Nov, 2001).

The guy with the most QSOs, in the most grids, on the most bands, over the
best dx wins.
(we will all be winners if we can generate some activity!)

All participants are encouraged to post your results to your favorite
microwave                         reflector. (We will seek help from
volunteers to make a central web page results summary available).

Make QSOs, and make your results available to others.
Try to find some of the rovers and help them try out new spots.
Rovers are encouraged to travel to places where they can make QSOs with new
guys who need encouragement, and some signals.
Expose our DC-band brethren to the excitment of working real dx on uwaves.
Encourage the inactive UHF es above hams to GET ON THE BANDS!
Put forth a good image for microwave amateur radio when folks stop and ask
what the heck you are doing (explain why this is fun).
Test your stuff out before the night before the next contest.
Find-fix problems.
Find a few extra dB in your system.
Try some new stuff out and compare results.
Get your friends with IC-706s and FT-100s to connect something horizontal to
their 432 spigot.

This hobby is alot more fun when we work together! Make some noise!  Make
some skeds! Publish your plans!

CU on the bands!

Bill W3IY

p.s. Don't forget to listen for the weak ones!

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