[VHFcontesting] Microwave_Activity_Days

Bill Seabreeze w3iy at fcc.net
Thu Apr 4 22:04:32 EST 2002

OK, OK, so you've been sitting around listening to the VHF
waterfall in ur rcvr...it's time to put some signals on the air for
the April Microwave_Activity_Days.  Make some noise!
Strike a blow for microwave civilization!
Give the hilltoppers some action.  Sounds like some guys are
going out to put something besides white noise in ur moldy 
coax.  Check them out.

Sat 8am-12, es Monday, 7pm-11.  Be there.  Check 144.260, 
es pse QSY up or down if you're going to be coordinating
some microwave operations.  We'll all be better of if u can
try to leave 260 clear for check-ins.

Last call before the Microwave Sprint!!!
Get ready for the Great Spring Band Openings of 2002!
-Don't forget daylight savings time warp.
-Don't forget the 222 Sprint on Tuesday nite.
-Don't forget to listen for the weak ones!!



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