[VHFcontesting] ** MS Database Vers. 1.83beta **

dl8ebw at t-online.de dl8ebw at t-online.de
Sun Apr 7 11:36:42 EDT 2002

               BETA-Version (ms183_beta) of the
     Meteorscatter-Database of the VHF-DX-Group DL-West

Hallo dear meteorscatter friends, 

as you possible know, the VHF-DX-Group DL-West has built up the
VHF-database, to spread infos about activities and locations
of active VHF-DXers. One part of our VHF-database is the: 
Today we will be able to spread out our ms-database beta version
1.83 - After all corrections we will be able to spread out the 
version ms185 and wsjt185 in begin of may 2002 for free again!
These moment we have about 2800 data-sentences in the beta version.

So please help to find any faults in the beta version and send
us your actual information! For the format, please refer to the 
info file down of these text and send it back to the editior of
this database: 

DL8EBW, Guido Juenkersfeld, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West 

via PR-BBS-System:       DB0NDK.#NRW.DEU.EU 
via Cluster-System:      DB0MDX or DB0NOR-9 
via e-mail:              dl8ebw at t-online.de

These meteorscatter-database will be given out again as a text file
(zipped). The beta-version will be not usable to use direct in any
programm (eg WSJT, EA6VQ-Log, OH6HFX, Clusters etc...). As we said 
above, the ms185 will follow in may 02 and than we also give out an
WSJT file again! (For any use in a dx-cluster, VQLog or OH6HFX program 
you still need our VHF-Database (actual issue 1.80 / 10/01) 

You can download the meteorscatter-database version: ms183_beta.zip

If you wants to have a check in our complete big VHF-database, use:


or:            http://www.meteorscatter.net/traf.htm 

So if your call is missing in these meteorscatter database and
you are active in these mode, or if you find any fault in any
datasentence or anything to change, please let me know in the
the format of our ms-database:

Call        : Rufzeichen :    AB1CDE                    
(Call with possible extensions for /p or /XA (other QRA-Loc)

New/Old Call/Infos       :    ex AB1DCE - QSL via AB5BA 
(infos about old used call in ms and/or qsl-manager)

LOC-WW      : Lokator    :    JO55AF
(given in IARU format (capital letter!) 

Activity    : Aktivitaet :    50-144-ms-vhfnet.....
(band and activities: 144-ms-FSK441-JT44-vhfnet-SAT-CH14345...)

RIG         : Equipment  :    144: 100Watt 11el MGF1302
(your used rig in detail for each band...)

NOF/LPM/MS-RIG           :    155 3000lpm DTR MSDSP 
(standard used qrg - ms rig - see also down of these example)

NOF/SSB     : SSB-QRG    :    144.355
(standard used SSB qrg - see also down of these example)

Update      : Update     :    04/02
(update in format MM/YY) 

     NOF CW/SSB will be the normal-operating-frequenz which is
         used as skedfrequency at  MS, EME, Contest etc.!
   For MS work you also can determine the max. speed and the way
        of decoding (eg. MSDSP, DTR, ...) you will use!

Of course all other details, which used in our big VHF-database
are also welcome if you have anything to update! Thanks for your
help to keep the database up to date!!!

Wuppertal 07-04-2002   73 de DL8EBW, Guy, c/o VHF-DX-Group DL-West

*            D L 8 E B W  Guido (Guy)  DL66a/JO31NF   +++++++++++++ *
*  73 de        * *  VHF-DX-Group DL-West * *              I        *
*          qrv Meteorscatter in SSB and CW (3500lpm)   VHF I DX     *
*       Editor of the "MS-Shower-List" & "VHF-DX-Database"          *
*    Every info or sked will be very welcome! Please send it via:   *
*           PR-BBS: DB0NDK.#NRW.DEU.EU  DX-Cluster: DB0MDX          *
* E-Mail: dl8ebw at t-online.de  VHF-Group: http://www.qsl.net/dl8ebw/ *

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