[VHFcontesting] June 2002 VHF QSO Party - Who will be active?

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Sun Apr 28 18:42:52 EDT 2002

With less than 45 days left to prepare for the 2002 June VHF QSO Party,
I am surprised at the lack of announcements for upcoming contest efforts.

Jack - W7PW will be ROVER again in Central NV, route to be determined.
Tim - K7XC & Dave - W7KK will be active In Eastern NV Multi Limited.
Sean - N7LQ and his group will no doubt be atop Fox Mtn in DN01 again.

Now is the time to post your plans so we can all plan on how best to
work each other.

As usual, I'll gather any info posted into a file and post the list of
a week before contest time.

Who else will be active this year? Fire up those word processors and let us

73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09ol... sk

"What We Do In Life... Echo's In Eternity!" - General Maximus

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