[VHFcontesting] Sprint

Donald Huntington k1dh1 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 30 02:47:32 EDT 2002

Don't forget about us up in the northeast and the VE's   .........Don K1DH

>From: "Bill Seabreeze" 

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>Subject: [VHFcontesting] Sprint 

>Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 20:44:44 -0300 


>If all works out, I will be going to Blue Knob 

>in FN00rg for the microwave sprint this Sat. 

>Should be combing the horizon for sigs at 0600. 

>I will listen SW, W, NW at 45 min after the hour. 

>I will listen S at 30min past. Hope to work 

>loads of stations. Have fun & listen for the weak 



>Bill W3IY/R 






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