[VHFcontesting] UHF Test

N8UM n8um at comcast.net
Sun Aug 4 20:52:46 EDT 2002

I only had 3 hours on Sunday morning, but suprisingly, I had my best DX ever
in the UHF Test.  To the west, EM 35 and EM44, and to the north, EN60, 71
and 72.  Those contacts were in the 500-600 mile range.  The performance of
the lil 6 element 222 beam was truely amazing at 20 feet and trees in most
directions.  I sure wish I could justify 10ghz, but the locations I operate
from are just not line of sight to many places...

222 = 17 Q's x 15 Grids

432 = 15 Q's x 12 Grids for 3,072 points

It was fun to work my childhood friend K8MD.  It is hard to believe I have
known Mark for over 40 years.  We used to ride bicycles to another friends
house in Livonia, Michigan.  To think of me and Mark now on bicycles is a
scary thought...

Ever notice some of the best VHF/UHF ops are also 160 meter ops?  K5UR,
ND3F, N4AR, K3ZO, WB9Z, etc.   The challenge of the hunt I guess...  Also
great cw ops.

John B.  N8UM  Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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