[VHFcontesting] Strategy

W0eea at aol.com W0eea at aol.com
Tue Aug 6 15:06:05 EDT 2002

>  For example, some of the multi
> stations in the VHF contests will work 60 or 70 grids
> on 6 meters when there is no eskip to speak of.  How
> do they do this?  Use meteors and WSJT? 

I used to be on the crew for a m/m group that fielded stations
in the June and September VHF contests.  We used to regularly come in 
second to fifth in that class.  We almost always worked more grids than
the winner,  both in total and on almost every band.  They usually beat
us by having more QSOs and by having a few multipliers on the 
microwave bands that we couldn't get without big hills or mountains
nearby.  (I remember just before this June's contest someone leaking
a message on this reflector about the perennial winner  looking for more 
operators for their 12 captive rovers.)  We were in Illinois.

Anyway there was no secret to our success of working many grids 
on 6 meters during the contest.  We did it by calling CQ from 
the contest's beginning to end without a break and by keeping the 
antennas moving all the time that the band didn't seem open.
We caught many 'openings' that were very short and usually 
took credit for creating a few.  Meteors? - no skeds,  maybe
a random or two.  WSJT? - didn't exist before we broke up.
CW? -  maybe 1/2 of 1 percent if that many on 6.

Secret strategy,  no.  Just a good voice keyer and always have
more than one antenna per band.



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