[VHFcontesting] Alternate Ping Jockey & WSJT URLs

Richard Zwirko dz at voa.gov
Mon Aug 12 20:29:01 EDT 2002

Bill, WF4R <wbr at verizon.net> wrote:

Subject: [VHFcontesting] Alternate PING JOCKEY ?

Is there an alternate we may be able to use for ping jockey?

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Those who normally use Ping Jockey to set up or check on Meteor 
Scatter skeds and conditions found the web site down Sunday. I 
understand that there was a power failure at the site that hosts 
this URL. This site is back on line now:


I checked out an alternate site being used to set up M/S skeds. 
The "MS Rocks Live" site had taken up some of the slack and was 
being used by many of the M/S crew. For future use you might
want to bookmark this URL:


Many VHFers are now using Joe Taylor's WSJT software to make numerous
meteor scatter QSOs on 50, 144 & 222 MHz. If you are interested in
learning more about the FSK441 mode for Meteor Scatter and the JT44 
mode for EME and other very weak signal QSOs, check out this URL for 
info and download the free WSJT software.


On the K1JT Home page you will find an excellent, 39 page PDF file, 
"WSJT User’s Guide and Reference Manual" Version 2.2.2 writen by 
Joe Taylor, K1JT and Andy Flowers, K0SM.  If you weren't able to
catch Andy's presentation on WSJT at the 2002 Central States VHF 
Conference you can download his presentation. Its about 2.8MB
and you will need a Power Point viewer to make use of it. 

See you all next month in the Sept. ARRL VHF Contest.

73 de Rich - K1HTV
K8GP Grid Pirates sked coordinator 
k8gpsked at hotmail.com

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