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Richard Zwirko dz at VOA.GOV
Thu Aug 15 19:08:34 EDT 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 Steve Raas, N2JFQ wrote: 
> Subject: [VHFcontesting] WSJT ON 6M  WHERE TO RANDOM CALL???
>         I have just recently downloaded wsjt 2.2.2, and am eager to hook =
> up an interface and get on the air and give it a go...
> ...........
> so if there is a wsjt ' calling freq ' please pass it along.... ide like =
> to give this mode a try really soon... thank you :) 
> steve raas
> n2jfq
> fn13ee

- - -
The suggested 6M WSJT (FSK441) calling frequency is 50.260 MHz
The suggested 2M FSK441 calling frequency is 144.140 MHz

If you access the Internet, go to http://www.pingjockey.net then click on
"Meteor Scatter Chat Scheduling page". Before sending any messages,
click on "Update User Details" and enter your call, first name, grid
square, state and email address (optional). When finished, click on the
'GO' button. Then go BACK to the Ping Jockey Central page. Announce
that you would like to make an FSK441 sked (WSJT has two modes, the
other being JT44 used for EME/weak signal contacts). But, before trying 
your 1st meteor scatter QSO on this mode RTFM (Read The Fine Manual),
the 'User's Guide and Reference Manual for WSJT'. It is available at 
the same site that you downloaded the WSJT software, one of them is

http://pulsar/princeton.edu/~joe/K1JT/  .

If you are interested in the JT44 mode of WSJT check out the
"JT44 Starter PAge" by W3SZ. You can find it at:

This site has a number of WAV files of EME signals copied off the
moon by W3SZ in his first 6 hours of 144 MHz EME using JT44.
You can play them back using the WSJT software using the JT44 mode.
The files include signals from GM4JJJ,RU1AA, K1UHF, K9KNW, W7FG
and others.

VHF contests should become even more interesting in the years to
come as WSJT users continue to grow.

See you in the September ARRL VHF Contest from K8GP on Spruce Knob, WV.
73 de Rich - K1HTV
k1htv at arrl.net

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