[VHFcontesting] MISC FS Items...

James Hayes hazy119 at westelcom.com
Fri Aug 16 01:28:31 EDT 2002

Hi all in the group. I have a few items I'd like to list here:
Trying to finance getting my tower in the air before the end of the month...

Icom IC-T22A 2M HT w/ U-120 spkr mic, BP-180 7.2 volt battery and
flexi-antenna nearly new condx. asking $125.00.
W2IHY, 8 band microphone EQ system, 6 months old $200.00 (upgraded to
professional audio rack).
Comet Triplexer, CFX-514N usable from 1.3-500 mhz up to 800 watts
throughput, $60.00. New, never used.
Rascal, 1-IC soundcard interface with cabling for Icom rigs $35.00. New,
lost interest in this mode.
Heath SB-200 Amplifier newly rebuilt T-1 power transformer with warranty
(less 2-572B tubes) excellent cabinet and face-$250.00
Pyramid 26 Amp, variable voltage PS $75.00
(with help on shipping for all items).
Also would be interested in a DEMI 222-28 transverter, or Yaesu G-800,
G-1000 SDX rotor & controller as partial trade for some of these items.
NO DOA's here! But sold AS IS.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Jim, N2YEV
FN34gs, Plattsburgh, NY
n2yev at arrl.net

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