[VHFcontesting] 6M Phase Box

Michael M. Raskin mraskin at attbi.com
Tue Feb 19 14:55:45 EST 2002

WX0B  StackMatch (7-60 MHz)  - all N-connectors - LED controller
factory modified by Jay for BIP/BOP (both in phase, both out of phase)
operations of 2 monoband antenna.  Comes with factory-made phasing
line of LMR-400 (1/2 wavelength for 50.100 MHz) with N-connectors and
N-TEE.  The entire package is brand new and has never been outside and
has never been used.  Can be used for any pair of monobanders from
7-60 MHz with the appropriate phasing coax for BIP/BOP operation.

This is for the 6M ham who wants to stack a pair of 6M beams.  I had
Jay (WX0B) make this for me with the intention of stacking a pair of
6M beams but, alas, that has not materialized and I no longer have
room for a second 6M beam.  Thus, this is surplus to my needs.  This
would cost twice as much even if you could get Jay to still do it for
you.   $250. plus shipping.

Mike, W4UM (ex-K4KUZ) mraskin at attbi.com or w4um at arrl.net
Florida Contest Group   http://www.qsl.net/fcg/
South Florida DX Association   http://www.qsl.net/k4fk/

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