[VHFcontesting] Missing from contest results...K8JWT/R

Qrpvhf at aol.com Qrpvhf at aol.com
Mon Feb 25 22:15:20 EST 2002

Was looking thru a friends March2002 QST and after looking thru the Sept2001 
VHF contest results was saddened to see that my score and station was omitted 
from the published data.

I know I sent my score information in and got a reply from the computer 
saying it got it.

Going to call the ARRL tommorrow as it ain't a major loss as I had it figured 
my score was around 1700 or so which would have put last in the Roanoke 
Division, but hey would have been nice to see my call in there 
anyway...Congrat W3IY who was first in the same division.

73's Jacob Tennant, K8JWT/R
Morgantown,West Virginia

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