[VHFcontesting] Re: Missing from contest results...K8JWT/R

Bob Johnson rjohnson at tmlp.com
Thu Feb 28 14:33:27 EST 2002

Hi All:
I agree with Ev that the best way to ensure that your score stands any chance
of being correct in QST is to check the "Logs Received" section on the ARRL

That being said, I don't think it would have helped in Jacobs case as I don't
think that the ARRL Contest Branch posted the "Logs Received" for the Sept 02
VHF Contest.

I kept checking for the ARRL to post the logs until I forgot about it.  When I
received the March QST, I found that I had been listed in the wrong section,
WMA instead of EMA.  I immediately went to the ARRL Site
to check on my log.  I found the below contest logs listed.

2001 ARRL International EME Competition
2001 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Competition
2001 IARU HF World Championship
2001 ARRL June VHF QSO Party

I thought it strange that contests before and after the Sept VHF contest were
listed and that Sept was missing.

Did anyone actually see the Sept contest listed on the ARRL Web Site ???

TNX es 73
Bob, K1VU/ ex:WA1OFR

At 10:28 PM 02/25/02 , Ev Tupis (W2EV) wrote:
>Hi Jacob,
>I'm sorry to hear of the omission.  Honestly, this is why it's important to
>check the web-results as soon as someone says they are posted on the ARRL
>website.  It's their way of "catching" the errors before they go to print.
>Just as honestly, this is why I fully support line-scores going web-only
>(not being published in QST).  It makes corrections much easier (rather than
>being religated to a dusty corner of a future issue...which everyone misses
>Ev, W2EV
>Qrpvhf at aol.com wrote:
>> Was looking thru a friends March2002 QST and after looking thru the
>> VHF contest results was saddened to see that my score and station was
>> from the published data.
>> I know I sent my score information in and got a reply from the computer
>> saying it got it.
>> Going to call the ARRL tommorrow as it ain't a major loss as I had it
>> my score was around 1700 or so which would have put last in the Roanoke
>> Division, but hey would have been nice to see my call in there
>> anyway...Congrat W3IY who was first in the same division.
>> 73's Jacob Tennant, K8JWT/R
>> Morgantown,West Virginia
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