[VHFcontesting] K7XC/M, W7PW/R, N7ROJ/R, N7LQ, and other NV operations

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Thu Jun 6 16:39:06 EDT 2002

Good Morming !

Dave - W7KK and myself are leaving from Fallon NV 
(DM09) later this morning (Thurs) for Caliente NV 
in preparation for our Multi-Op effort from DM27 
this weekend.

I will be QRV on 6M and 2M SSB while enroute. 
We will traverse the following grids today....

In order: DM09, DM19, DM18, DM17, & DM27. 

If you miss me today, our Multi-Op will be in DM27
all weekend on 6, 2, 222, and 432.

Jack - W7PW/R will activate DM07, DM08, DM17, 
DM18, DM27, DM37, DM28, DM29, DM38, & DM39
on Saturday.

Sunday he will activate DM29, DM19, DN10, DN11, 
DN00, and DM09. He will have 6, 2, 222, 432, 902, 
& 1296.

John N7ROJ/R will also be traveling thru NV grids. His
route in order will be:CM99, CN90, CN91, CN92, 
DN02, DN01, DN11, DN12, DN10, DN20, DN21, 
then turning around, going thru DN00 to finish in DM09

The N7LQ Multi-Op effort will be in DN01 on 6, 2, 222, 
432, 902,  1296, & 2304. 

Jim - NW7O & Al - K7ICW should be on from their homes
in DM26. QRV on 6, 2, 222, 432, & 1296.

I forget the call of the gentleman who activate DM25 this 
weekend. He will be on 6, 2, & 432. 

I'm pretty excited about this contest as every NV grid, 
with the exception of DM16, will be on the air at one 
time or another this weekend!

Heres to plenty of Es to go along with all this
activity...Should be a fun time!

73s de Tim - K7XC - DM09ol... sk

6M Op - K7XC Multi-Op - 7800' Mt Ella in DM27


"What We Do In Life... Echo's In Eternity!" - General Maximus

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