[VHFcontesting] Early Results - K7XC Multi Op DM27

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Mon Jun 10 06:57:02 EDT 2002

Hi Gang,

Wish I had a glowing report of fantastic openings, great WX, huge 
pile ups, good times, and a record score to share with you all, but...

I dont.

My Long time contest partner, Dave -W7KK and I worked long &
hard to make our effort atop Mt Ella in DM27 a success but Ma 
Nature showed her true self and in one fell swoop took us off
the air. We had been up and running for only 4 1/2 hours...

What happened?

The winds when we arrived on site Friday morning grew 
greater & greater in intensity. By Saturday afternoon they had 
intesified, reaching peak gusts of 80 to 100 MPH. All of this 
activity cracked & weakened the Rotor to mast adapter 
underneath the Ham IV , causing it to fracture & fail. 

Launched from 50 feet up, the rotor, mast and 5 antennas
landed as one piece 35 feet from the tower atop Dave's truck, 
smashing the driver side rear view mirror & cracked the windshield. 
The top 2 antennas absorbed most of the shock, wrapping
themselves around the cab and hood. The remaining 3 antennas
though damaged were usable with minor repair. The mast & rotor 
unded up hanging in mid air next to the drivers side window, 
suspended from the bent & broken antennas. 

We were most fortunate that Dave was unhurt as the antennas 
flew 35 feet or so, just past the fiberglass camper shell he was 
in when all this happened. 

Rather than cobble together something out of the pieces, I elected
we call it a day, packup & head home. We left the hill dead tired
at 10:22 PM Saturday, after 14 miles of pure bumpy dirt road hell we 
hit the pavement in Caliente at 11:34 PM. With a off road race in town
we couldnt get a room so we set off for the Ramada Inn at Ely NV,
154 miles north, arriving there at 02:00 AM. The last 60 miles I was 
so sleepy I splashed cold water on my face, rolled the window 
down, using the sting of 40 degree air would keep me going. 

So, those that wanted to know what happened to us, where did
we go? and why? There you go...

I'll post a complete synopsis later after I get a chance to catch up
on my sleep, eat warm food, and experiance the modern marvel
of hot running water in a large bathtub!

73s de Tim - K7XC -DM09ol 

"What We Do In Life... Echo's In Eternity!" - General Maximus

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