[VHFcontesting] Location, location, location ...

Donald M. Ross dross at sirinet.net
Mon Jun 10 22:04:35 EDT 2002

This weekend I had a rather new problem with some of the locals and am
looking for some advice on how to rectify the issue(s).

Situation:  There are six active VHF contesters here in Lawton, OK and we
are all clustered in such a way that there is a maximum of five miles
between any two of us.  As in all aspects of life, some have better "ears"
than others and are frequently trying to work stations that the other locals
can't even hear.  In most cases, the more "hearing impaired" stations will
call CQ when the stations with the better ears are trying to pick something
out of the noise.  With few exceptions, I do not believe this to be either
malicious or bad manners.

This can not be a unique problem, how are others dealing with this issue?

Don, NL7CO/EM04

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