[VHFcontesting] N7ROJ/R Effort

John Byerly mtlion at nvbell.net
Wed Jun 12 21:12:18 EDT 2002

    Well, the contest was great for myself and KB7UEA. No equipment
failures, beautiful country, and 11 grid squares. Firsts for this year were
222 Mhz and 2304 Mhz, both of which worked like a champ!

    I wish I could report awesome band openings. However, no such luck. We
got just a few QSO's on 6 with XE and VE stations. The N7LQ guys were there
for us in almost every grid on all the bands I could squeeze on the truck.
We also heard lots from K7CW in CN93.

    The high points of the trip were the incredible 2304 contacts, how well
the 222 transverter worked perfectly, even though there is not much 222
activity out here in Nevada, and the hundreds of antelope we saw in extreme
northern Nevada on the game preserve.

    I wanted to thank everyone who supported us and chased us from grid to
grid! It made it a real pleasure to drive the 938 miles. This was my second
rover effort and I must say I am hooked!

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