[VHFcontesting] FT-736R repair

n3ra n3ra at zoominternet.net
Sun Jun 16 23:30:17 EDT 2002

 I have the 6, 2 and 440 modules and recently the 6m module has been acting
up.  It now only does about 2 to 3 watts output.  Anyone know if Yeasu is
still able to service the FT-736R?? If so, do you have the contact info for
them?  If not, any suggestions on where I might be able to get it serviced?

One other question for everyone...  Of the follwoing, which would you use
for doing 6, 2 and 440 weak signal work (SSB and CW contesting and WSJT):
FT-736R or  FT-847?  I know this is not an apples to apples, but would like
opinions on whether it is worth keeping the 736.

Thanks and 73


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