[VHFcontesting] Best integrated package for VHF

Eugene Zimmerman ezimmerm at erols.com
Mon Jun 17 14:10:55 EDT 2002

Scott N3RA recently asked a very useful question on this reflector -- what
radios do people use on VHF.  I would like to go one further and ask which
integrated radio - one that covers on 6 meters and/or above - works the
best.  Initially I do not want to discuss transceiver/transverter
combinations - we should talk about them separately next.

So I would like to know how this group would compare Yaesus like the FT920,
FT847 to ICOMs like the IC756/746 in their various iterations [Pro, non-Pro,
etc], FT736 with Mutec mods [without the mods I think these would not
qualify] and the Kenwood TS2000.  I would also like to hear about their
noise blankers - in many locations 6 meters is unusable without a decent
noise blanker.  Price should not be a deciding factor - I am looking for the
best radio at any cost.

What I am looking for is the equivalent of a discussion of FT1000MP/D vs
IC781/775/756ProIII vs Omni whatever vs the high power Elecraft K2 on HF
with an emphasis on features YOU think are important to VHF and VHF

Let me start by start by giving a plug to the lowly FT847.  IF and ONLY if
you add IRC filters [2.1 and 400 ~] it is a surprisingly good radio and its
transmitter power is ideal for driving amplifiers.  The noise blanker can be
rated only fair.  Without the IRC filters it is mediocre at best.  This is a
clear case where the extremely cheap Yaesu ceramic filters greatly
debilitate the radio and Art Collins no doubt is turning over in his grave
when he thinks about the "Collins" mechanical filter they sell as an option.
But I don't know how this "souped up" 847 compares to a TS920 with the
cascaded IRC filter mod [2 filters in each IF] or the 756/746.  It is better
than the stock 920 but I have never listened to any version of the 756 or

What say you all?

73  Gene  W3ZZ
Director, CQWW VHF Contest
FM19jd  MD
50 => 10 GHz
Grid Pirates VHF Group K8GP
Member, CQWW Contest Advisory Group

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