Fwd: [VHFcontesting] Looking for some good, high quality VHF / UHF antenna photos

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Thu Jun 20 15:31:03 EDT 2002

Hi Dan,

Here is a web site with a bunch of good pictures-- http://www.mgef.org/pics.htm  .  My favorite is at http://www.mgef.org/timeline/jun00_6m.jpg .  This is our current antenna system 
For more pictures browse the entire timeline.

This is the web site of W2SZ/1 on Mt. Greylock, MA

73, Don Huntington,  K1DH            k1dh1 at hotmail.com    

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>Subject: [VHFcontesting] Looking for some good, high quality VHF / UHF antenna photos 

>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 10:19:04 -0400 


>We are looking for a couple of really good, sharp photographs of VHF/UHF 

>arrays that could be suitable for use in a several projects in the contest 

>department. While we have some good dish photos and EME arrays, we really 

>don't have high quality photos of good layouts of VHF and/or UHF antennas. 


>The photos may be either regular photographs, slides or high resolution 

>digital images. Sharp, crisp images are the key. If they are digital, they 

>need to be very high resolution that if enlarged don't end up being grainy. 

>We preferably are looking for photos without people in them that highlight 

>the antennas. 


>If you have photos/images that you would like to submit, you may do so 

>directly to me at n1nd at arrl.org. If they are regular photographs, please 

>contact me first so we can talk about them (a scan of the photo to give me a 

>general idea of the composition would be good). 


>Thanks in advance. If you have any questions, just let me know. 




>Dan Henderson, N1ND 

>ARRL Contest Branch Manager 


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>VHFcontesting at contesting.com 


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