[VHFcontesting] Re: [50mhz] Spark Plug Noise on F150

Edwin Rodriguez wp4o at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 30 08:33:04 EDT 2002

Chris I use Magnecor wires, and have been for over
8 yrs and YEs there great.
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> Magnecor wires?? YES!!! I have talked to several hams who have used
> them and had excellent results....Also make sure all parts of the body
> are well bonded.....and always use resistor style plugs....
> (any of those "Special" plugs with split electrodes, etc donot help
> and DONOT improve the engine from what I have seen and read!)
> I have the Magnecor email msgs archived on my PC....I'll dig them
> out and repost them for you and others to read...
> Chris
> Rick Robinson wrote:
> > I would like to stop the noise at the source which essentially is the
> > plugs and/or the wires.
> > I would mainly like to hear from those with the same type vehicle or
> > motor who have
> > addressed this problem before.
> > Spark plug testimonials.
> > Plug wire testimonials, Yes I have heard of Magnacor wires but have they
> > really worked on this
> > motor? And with what plugs? A lot of money to experiment with on
> > wires($100).
> > Contrary to most beliefs the noise blanker in my 706 works well on my
> > spark plug noise
> > on most all bands, but I want the noise out before the blanker.
> >
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