[VHFcontesting] Re: [WSVHF] Adding another band

w2fca at cs.com w2fca at cs.com
Thu Oct 3 07:49:15 EDT 2002

"Bill Seabreeze" <w3iy at fcc.net> wrote:

>Definitely 222!  At least in my area, there are more
>QSO-points possible.  In the Sept contest, I had 252
>QSO points vs 219 on 1296.  I think 1296 is more
>fun, but 222 never ceases to amaze me.
Plus, the grids you work are multiplied by all the contacts so getting 20 grids on 222 will do more than 9 grids on 1296.
In looking at the results on the NEWS website, looks like 222 beat 1296 by a factor of 2 to 3 in most cases.


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