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    Publicity is definitely the key. I have been pushing the VHF contest in 
the Portland area since I discovered VHF contesting 2 years ago. There are a 
LOT of people who have no idea when the VHF contests are or even that there 
is such a thing. I also push for those without SSB gear to try on FM simplex. 
We get a lot of new hams trying it oout on FM then. In June we even had 
pileups on FM simplex. So more publicity is definitely required which means 
more news in QST.

Tom Popp
Clackamas, Clackamas County, Oregon CN85
KA0TP at aol.com

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<< Hi Dan,
  Thanks for the interest and the effort to survey for ideas.  I have
 downloaded the survey and will complete it as requested.
  However, the problem does not lie with the rules.  There is a hard core of
 contesters who enjoy the VHF contests and the chance they give (through a
 high level of activity) to really see what the propagation can do.  This
 group will continue to be active regardless of rules changes.  Rule changes
 will not bring in the casual operators.  The only way to increase the
 activity is to reach out to the casual operator, by publicizing what
 attracts others to the contests.  The way to do this is definitely NOT to
 take the results and announcements out of QST.  The casual operators will
 NOT access the contest results on the web site - they have no reason to,
 since they are not yet participating.  Financial pressures notwithstanding,
 the only way to give the average VHF operator the incentive to participate
 in the contests is to expose him to the contests in the only ARRL
 publication he reads, which is QST.  Content in QST is more important than
 color spreads.
 Wishing you success.
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 Subject: [VHFcontesting] ARRL Membership Services Committee VHF/UHF Awards
 and Contest Survey
 ARRL VHF/UHF Contesting and Awards Survey
 NEWINGTON, CT -- October 7, 2002
 With a higher proportion of VHF-only licensees than ever before, one might
 expect that VHF/UHF contesting would be experiencing a surge in popularity.
 To the contrary, while the total QSOs being made in the multi-band contests
 seems steady, the number of logs - and thus the number of serious
 participants - has fallen off considerably since 1996. This has led the ARRL
 to ask you for your thoughts on why this might be happening and how to best
 address and reverse the trend. We'd also like to hear from you about the
 ARRL VHF/UHF awards program in general.
 The survey is the result of a request from the ARRL Board to look into ways
 to increase participation. It is being sent to a random sample of regular
 top-scorers and average participants, regardless of their score, plus clubs
 that regularly participate in VHF/UHF club competitions. Our interest is in
 gathering information we can use to improve the participation and quality of
 both the various ARRL VHF/UHF contests and the ARRL VHF/UHF awards programs.
 The detail and quality of information in your answers is especially
 important to us.
 The Survey -
 The survey is organized into several areas of inquiry. The first group deals
 exclusively with contesting:
 Existing contests - how can their formats, rules, or reporting be improved
 such that activity and log submissions are increased? This survey refers to
 the following ARRL sponsored contests: January VHF Sweepstakes, June &
 September VHF QSO Parties, August UHF Contest, 10 GHz and Up competition,
 and the Oct/Nov EME Contest
 New contest formats - are there new formats that would be attractive to the
 existing contest community?
 New participants - what improvements or additions to VHF/UHF contesting
 would attract more operators to the sport? How can these operators be
 A second area of interest is the ARRL VHF/UHF awards program and increasing
 the level of interest and participation. The existing awards such as VUCC,
 WAS, and DXCC, are derivatives of the HF awards program. There is some
 concern that these awards either have too high an initial qualification
 level or may be missing some interests of VHF/UHF operators. There are two
 groups of questions:
 Existing awards - how can their rules or categories might be improved so
 that more activity is encouraged?
 New awards - are there new award programs that would be attractive to
 VHF/UHF operators?
 Each topic has a series of questions related to either VHF/UHF contesting or
 awards. Please select the answer that best matches your position or
 situation. Please feel free to extend your remarks (use additional pages if
 necessary). Your detailed comments are very important.
 The survey is downloadable as an Adobe Acrobat file on the web at
 It should be completed and returned by regular mail to: VHF/UHF Survey,
 attn: Wayne Mills, N7NG, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington CT 06111. We would
 like to have the returned surveys by October 31st. You may copy the blank
 survey and distribute it to other amateurs, particularly to operators that
 may not be active in VHF/UHF contesting now. A summary of the results will
 be available in the future.
 Thanks and 73
 Dan Henderson, N1ND
 ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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