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Ernie Gray w1mrq at rcn.com
Wed Oct 9 20:42:20 EDT 2002

Yes, Nicely put Bill,
    I think that is  really the sole reason I started contesting. To see my call
on the pages in QST magazine. I remember the thrill to this day when I read the
results of the 1971 Novice Roundup and saw my original call there. Like it was

    My biggest gripe is that not every ham has access to a computer or being
online. I am sure everyone knows AF1T, Dale in NH. He does not and cannot use a
computer because of his eyesight. He is one of our biggest contributors to this
facet of ham radio, and he is excluded. Who else?

    Does league membership also require us to be online to fully enjoy league
benefits? I hope not.

Thanks & 73, Ernie Gray W1MRQ

Bill Lentz wrote:

> I can still remember my first VHF contest back in 1995. I had just been
> invited into the Packrats. I remember having a 2 meter beam on the roof of
> my single story house and listening to the likes of K2GAL,K2SMN,W1RJA,W1HAD
> and K2TXB  working stations 400 miles plus and not hearing anything other
> than noise when they turned the qso back to the distant stations. Shortly
> before the contest I erected my first tower a 90 foot self supporting
> monster. I was on 5 bands and I couldn't wait for the results to be
> published in QST. It seemed like it took forever to see the results. I
> placed third in my division and my desire to see my call move up through the
> ranks to the top three in the US was fueled by wanting to see my call in
> QST. From my perspective seeing your call in print is far more rewarding
> than some web page, no matter how good the web page design and layout are.
> It is my personal opinion that there are other future VHF contest operators
> out there that will never experience what I felt seeing the listings,
> analyzing other stations scores and then watching myself improve and knowing
> your peers are taking notice. The web just doesn't have the same feel to me
> as seeing your call in print in QST. However this will not deter me from
> continuing to strive to improve my station and operating techniques. You see
> I have all ready been motivated but what about the other new up and coming
> VHF contest operators that are out there?
> 73 and Take Care. Bill AA2UK
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