[VHFcontesting] Mirage amp question?

Dave Wendling kb1eaa at berkshire.rr.com
Sat Oct 19 09:33:27 EDT 2002

Hi Folks,

I just purchased a Mirage B 2518 G, 2 Meter Amp.  The advertisement stated 25 watts in, 160 watts out for FM/SSB and CW. I was wondering if anyone on the list has used or has experience with this Amp.  The paper work that came with it states that power in should be 25 watts for FM, BUT only 3 watts in for SSB?  All of my other Mirage amps are the same power in regardless of mode. When I measured the power out on this unit using 3 watts in SSB it came no where near the advertised amount of 160 watts out?  I called Mirage twice. The first time there was no tech working who could help me. The second time I talked to someone who said he was a tech but could only say it would "probably" be ok to run 25 watts on SSB through the unit. I pointed out to him what page # in the manual called for only 3 watts and he said maybe I had an old manual? BUT he wasn't sure about that either!  I checked through the B 2518 G manual on the Mirage web site. (they have all there current manuals online) and it the same as mine.  I looked through several of the other 2 meter amps that were similar to mine online and they  all stated using 25 watts in irregardless of the mode. Can any one help with this?

KB1EAA, Dave

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