[VHFcontesting] Tower section refurbishment questions

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at ntelos.net
Tue Oct 22 10:11:04 EDT 2002

A friend of mine at work has given me 2 sections (1 straight & 1 top) of
what looks like Rohn25 tower for FREE (the magic word) and was hoping to
refurbish it for my own uses as it is about 15 - 20yrs. old and well crusted
with paint.

I was thinking of useing a 4" grinder with a brush wheel to clean off the
old paint and then repaint with Rustoleum type paint over the winter.

I this the best way or is there any other suggestions?

Was hoping to use the tower sections with either a drive-on tilt-over base
or fabricating a hoisting system on a small trailer for
rover/mountaintopping use as well as as home use ALL SITUATIONS TO BE GUYED!
! !

Never done any tower refurbishing before so this is new project (YEH!)

Jacob Tennant  K8JWT

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