[VHFcontesting] Current thread

ADUHAWK at aol.com ADUHAWK at aol.com
Mon Sep 2 20:57:46 EDT 2002

I'm with Curt, K9AKS.  Thanks to the DC to light rigs out there we have 
higher QSO counts, but fewer logs. For those who cannot devote the entire 
contest time for operating some may not want to bother sending in a 50 QSO 
log, wait 8 months and see that they finished in 78th place.  We need to 
encourage part-timers to submit logs.  Club competition is one way.  In my 
antenna restricted home environment I can't compete in many HF contests, but 
my limited effort is actively sought and appreciated by the contest club I 
belong to.
That takes effort and time, usually from a small group.  So let's see what 
can be done to get more people part of the effort of a group instead of 
hitting the wall with the "Efficacy Principle" as a solo operator.
As a rover sometimes it feels like we are out there for just a few stations 
who we work on many bands from many places, but many operators make a point 
of following our progress.  It's comforting to hear them call in when you're 
in a bad spot or the antenna is pointing the wrong way.

Pat and I rove because it's fun...although we need to remind ourselves that 
we are having fun from time to time and because we choose to be cliff 
dwellers.  Adding bands (we're up to 6) and improving the station each time 
we're out is our motivation.  We appreciate those who ride along with us and 
we submit our scores so that everybody who helps us along the way can see how 
much they helped.  And we would like to win.  Only 12 more days! 73, Tim 

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