[VHFcontesting] Contest rules revamp

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 3 10:38:41 EDT 2002

In the CQ magazine contests, there is a
tribander/single element category, for those of us who
don't have monster stacks at HF.  Is there a way to
create such a class for the VHF contests.  Regardless
of the power level, there are several stations within
200 miles of me who I cannot dream of competing with
because I have single yagis (longest boom is 15 feet)
at fairly low heights.  Do run WSJT to help equalize
things a bit, but I still miss many grids I can hear
them working.

73s John NE0P

--- "Don T. \"AI4CW\"" <dtrammel at hiwaay.net> wrote:
> How about a QRP class that allows home QTH
> operations at low power?  No 
> reason that the only QRP category should be
> portable.  Low Power is 
> great for all of the stations that have the 100W
> multiband rigs, but the 
> folks using older gear that only have 5-10 watts to
> work with are 
> severely handicapped.  They should at least have the
> opportunity to 
> improve their situation with the best antenna farm
> they can muster.
> The point is to get the folks on the air, right?
> And no, I've got around 100W on 2M, 300+W on 220 and
> 70W on 432 once I 
> get the antennas back in the air, so I'm not whining
> for my sake!  It's 
> just that I've been there  (will still have only 10W
> PEP on 6M for the 
> VHF QSO party, but that'll change soon after) with
> older 6 & 2M rigs in 
> the past and have seen the frustration firsthand in
> my experience as 
> well as the folks that I set up with the gear
> afterwards.  They probably 
> would have been more encouraged if they knew their
> contest scores would 
> be judged against like stations instead of 100W
> stations simply because 
> of their operating location.  If they build a nice
> antenna array to make 
> the best use of their low power levels, they
> certainly shouldn't be 
> penalized for it because of the rules lumping them
> into a class that 
> allows ten times the power!
> I also like the idea of a limited single-op 4 band
> class; it might help 
> me a lot once I've got everything back on the air! 
> For now, my goal is 
> simply to get the tower up with the 6M gear
> operational for the QSO 
> party.  I'll be out looking for someone to sandblast
> a couple of parts 
> for the erection system today in hopes of having the
> tower up this week. 
>   That should give me time to get the bugs worked
> out for single band 
> operations this time around.
> Dan's a nice guy; got to meet him for the first time
> at this year's 
> Huntsville Hamfest and really enjoyed it.  He seemed
> to especially enjoy 
> it when my daughter (KG4QII) came up begging for
> more money!  I guess 
> that's one of those things that folks without
> children really enjoy ...
> ;-D
> 73, 
> Don T.		AI4CW		EM64
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