[VHFcontesting] Looking for new xcvr

Bradford J. Williams - N8GLS n8gls at arrl.net
Fri Sep 6 23:08:29 EDT 2002

Thanks Don,

Nothing says it better than being able to play rig-to-rig.  What
characteristics do you feel are superior on the 746 ??  Are you an avid or
casual VHFer ??


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Hi Brad,

I'm running an IC-746 (non PRO) that was sufficiently better than my TS-711A
and my IC-275H that I sold the other two rigs.  My FT-736R is in the shop
and will be compared to the 746 when it returns, but it is not as nice a rig
in the ergonomics field.

Having said that, I still like my TM-255A back up radio.

As you may have noticed, I primarily play on 2m.

Don, NL7CO/EM04

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I'm befuddled on what to do for a new VHF (and/or VHF/UHF) rig.

I have a Kenwood TS-711A that is vintage 1985.  It is beginning to have more
frequent problems and I need to get something in the works before contest
time just in case.

I just don't see anything that shines out there in the way of spec's.  I've
damn near looked at everything.  I was close to buying an Icom IC910 but
after a few conversations with other UHF/VHF'rs it seems to be a poor weak
signal rig, and really bad with strong adjacent signals.....not a good thing
for my locale.  The bands it covers would be a good choice for my situation
since anything above 2M would be a "bonus", meaning that I don't run
anything above 2M now, especially since the tower is a long long way from
the shack, but it would always be an option, as opposed to buying an
all-band wonder and having another bunch of HF bands that I already have a
rig for.

I suppose some options are:

(1) Buy an all-band wonder - Icom 746Pro, or, Kenwood TS2000.  You guys/gals
using these, are they good, bad for weak signal ???
(2) Buy a VHF/UHF only....Anyone have an IC910 and like it, or do you just
tolerate it.  I don't do sats so if that's what its good for, its a no-buy
for me.
(3) Buy an HF only rig (another FT1000MP) and add a transverter.
(4) Homebrew a rig (thanks Zack).  I would have trouble here since I already
have twenty pairs of glasses, ten of which I need to complete this e-mail.
(4) Quit whining and send the TS711 into Kenwood for an overhaul.

The all-band wonders seem to be just an adequate rig on all bands, not a
great rig on any band.

Comments appreciated !!

73 de N8GLS, Brad

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