[VHFcontesting] K0PG, K9ILT Family Rover

ADUHAWK at aol.com ADUHAWK at aol.com
Wed Sep 11 01:11:02 EDT 2002

Two for the price of one!  The Floyd and Iris (with great respect to the 
memory of the Colvins) of Midwest Grid peditions are at it again.  Six 
through 1296.  222, with thanks to K9YR for the loan of an FM transceiver.  
Good power through 432, 10 watts on 902 and 1296.  50.170, 144.170, 223.500, 
432.070, 902.100, 1296.100.  Yagis everywhere but 6.

At the beginning,EN60/50/51/61 for one hour.  Then SW through EN60 and 50 to 
EM69. Cross EM59 (2.5 hours) to EM49 for 39 minutes.  EN40,41,42 overnight.  
Sunday AM EN42,43. Sunday PM EN52,53,63, evening 62,51,61.

Since ours is a "family station" you get to work us both.  Please do as often 
as possible.  This is going to be a cool contest. 73, Tim K0PG, Pat K9ILT

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