[VHFcontesting] KF6KDA - DM06 Results

Garcia, Michael MJGarcia at fresno.ca.gov
Tue Sep 17 09:16:24 EDT 2002

Hello All!

Results from KF6KDA from this weekend. 

275 q's, 53 grids for a final score of 19,769.

We were so much better prepared this go around and the score for us reflects
that IMO.  Again, I'd like to thank N6SGW for the use of his station (now if
we can just get him to operate the contest!). No break downs this contest.
No amp problems. No problems what so ever!

Murphy did not show his face this contest!  w00h00!

Michael KF6KDA

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Not a great one for me, but that's because I let the new rig bug get the
best of me and brought home a new IC-746Pro Saturday, just two hours before
the contest.  Yup, smart move......well, not really since I ended up playing
most of Saturday with the 746 instead of working the contest, but anyways
for those who care here's contest results:

61 QSO's x 29 Multipliers = 1769 points

Thanks to all for a fun time !!!  Oh yea, the ole TS-711A side-by-side
comparison to the new IC-746Pro........not a no brainer.......results to

73 de, Brad N8GLS

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