[VHFcontesting] Re: [DX] RFI/Power line noise problem

Tom Horton k5iid at ntelos.net
Wed Sep 18 14:47:16 EDT 2002

There are a couple of reflectors that are dedicated to RFI/TVI type
There are numerous other things that can cause QRN. I have fought it for
years and finally had to take the local power company to administrative
court last spring.
Does you noise seem to go away when it rains? Is it worse in hot dry weather?
There are many things that can give more insight into what the problem
might be.
The reason the power company uses VHF frequencies is that the noise will not
travel as far at those frequencies. How far away from your location did 
they check?
Noise that affects lower frquencies can travel quite a distance. In fact 
noise on 80/160
can travel very long distances.
There are numerous other things that can cause QRN. Does the noise ever 
affect just one frequency on a particular band? If so, it's not power line 
Try sending your query to the following reflectors. You will probably need 
to sign up on them,

rfi at contesting.com and tvi-rfi-emi at qth.net

The folks on those reflectors are very helpful.

73, Tom K5iid

At 06:17 09/18/02 -0700, John Geiger wrote:
>Turning to the reflectors for some help in this
>problem.  I seem to have a decent amount of static
>(s5-6) at times on HF (especially 30 meters and below)
>and on 6 meters.  I even bought a FT100D to use on the
>reputation of its noise blanker,and the NB does work
>on it at times.  Other times it even overcomes the NB.
>  I called the local power company who came out to
>check for power line noise-using some equipment that
>received in the VHF range.  They found nothing from
>power lines, but did locate 1 house several blocks
>away that was throwing out some static-it isn't this
>house that is affecting me as we tried some tests
>yesterday turning off their power, etc.
>The power companies conclusion is "Sorry, it is not
>our lines, we can do nothing more, good luck."  So
>what do I do now?  This noise is frustrating at best,
>and really interfering with my receiving at worst.  I
>am not ready to conclude that it is not power line
>noise, as it seems to me that most people with line
>noise problems, get them in the lower HF range, not in
>the VHF range like the power companies equipment
>I have tried to locate the offending source in my own
>house, and nothing here seems to be causing it.  Cant
>seem to null it out using my miniquad-it seems to be
>coming from all directions and it is worse still on my
>G5RV dipole.
>I do have some noise on 2 meters, not as bad, that is
>coming from the NE-I can null this with my 13B2.  I
>also can't figure out what this is, or if the two are
>Anyone else been through something like this, and any
>help or ideas?
>73s John NE0P
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